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Coralina belongs to the project "Antucas", a collection of tapestries shaders that more beyond of a product made end is presented how a possible contribution to the recovery landscape of the coastal marine as well as a bet by the maintenance of certain professions artisans linked to them peoples of sea.

Years ago fishing nets were cotton, and natural drying is performed by suspending them on large wooden masts. Landscapes port that were characterized and identified by textures and chromatic inherent to the day to day of their people.

Coralina is presented in a triangular format where starting a measurement standard, its dimensions can be customized prior analysis of the technical production department.
Coral based his design in the forms biological marine, in this case in the singular volumetry of corals.
Belonging to RED_use series product: 100% HandMade reusing fishing net marina.

With the intervention of Idoia Cuesta, award national of handicraft 2014.

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