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Design that conceptualizes the accumulation of fishing tackle that day by day it keeps in the fishing ports. Your natural silhouette in crescendo and the possibility of editing in three different sizes us visually evokes the natural set of Cies (Vigo. Galicia). The puff is manufactured in three sizes: Cies (greater) North, Cies medium and Cies South (lower).


Belonging to the RED_use, CIES collection is edited entirely under the parameters of the "slow design". Its elaboration is entirely handmade, taking advantage of specific knowledge of the netters to link different cloths of fishing net applying seams and stitched characteristic of the trade.


Finishing exterior: reused fishing net. (obtaining guaranteed through specific channels operating in the fishing ports or through direct purchase sustainable fishing vessels) An intermediate liner (with possibility of water-resistant exterior texture) and filling of the puff biodegradable EPS beads make up the final product

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