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Dresser Satisfaction belongs to the series "Overseas", pieces of furniture inspired by the naval aesthetics of the 16th and 17TH centuries.The "Satisfaction" is a tribute to the shipbuilding industry of the time. He is a conceptualization of the old "navis" materializing this in the constructive form of furniture. For sample implementation of the sideboard doors, made through the system of "tingladillo", in which strips of wood are solopan longitudinally at its edges, looking for the similarity in naval constructive form applied to the realization of the helmet of ancient vessels.These allusions to the aesthetic annexed marine, are reflected in a multitude of details that make this design unique. See the unique support of the sideboard, where all of its weight is supported on the keel. The interiors are structurally through timbers that we recall again then naval carpentry. The symbolism of wood carvings with mythological forms that were determined in the bow and stern of the ancient ships also makes its appearance in a stellar manner with a piece carved by hand and fixed on the upper end termination of the keel.

Lacquer high gloss and smoked oak define a piece that incorporates upholstery of time inside the Cabinet and sideboard, inlaid in thread black gloss of traditional lace from Camariñas.

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